…it’s not just learning that’s important. It’s learning what to do with what you learn and learning why you learn things that matters.

Norton Juster

Course Curriculum

Receiving the Word - The Significance of the Word - The Reliability of the Word - Correctly Handling the Word of Truth - Feeding Your Own Soul - Renewing Your Mind - Communicating the Truth - Jay Fallon & Spiritual Maturity - Jay Fallon & The Ministry of the Spirit - Jay Fallon & Praying in the Spirit - Jay Fallon & Spiritual Warfare - Key Principles Concerning End Times - Fasting - Jay Fallon
Developing Critical Thinking - David Williams
Discipline for Change - Fiona Fallon
Keeping a Right Spirit - George McKim
Serving While Waiting - Steve Reilly
Leadership Lessons from Seasoned Leaders - Various
Leadership Lessons from Biblical Characters - Jay Fallon & Serving a Senior Leader - Bruce Atkinson
Issues that Often Derail Leaders - Gordon Hills
Leading Through Pain - Eric Gaudion
Becoming Friends with the Holy Spirit - Denis Phillips
Healing Hearts – Transforming Lives - Brian Synnott
Facing the Struggles of Leadership - Anita Williams
Character v Charisma - Jim Dick
Growing Through Adversity - Jim Dick
Risk Takers - Various
Living for the Benefit of Others - Jay Fallon 
Changing a Toxic Culture -Jay Fallon

Each of the subjects is intended to either, inform the head, equip the hands or challenge the heart.

The Power of Being with Him - Jay Fallon
Living Under the Influence - Jay Fallon
Principles of Rehabilitation - Fiona Fallon
Dealing with Distractions - Michael McCurry
Pastoring Leaders - John Wellavize
Ministry Overseas - Paul Hudson
Committed to Advance - Bill Crawford
Growth Matters - Mark Ryan
Leading Leaders - Gordon Hills
Pioneering: The Privilege & the Problems - Damian Carr
Leading Events of Excellence - Phil Weaver
Leading Your Own Family - David Shearman
Leading for Long Term Ministry - David Shearman
Leading a Life of Influence - Nigel Tween
Developing a Prophetic Edge - David Carr
Building Team - Lionel Currie
Leading a Church of Significance - Steve Derbyshire
Evangelism & the local Church - Jonathan Skelton
Why Details Matter - Jonathan Skelton
Leading a local Church - David Ayling
Starting an Evangelistic Ministry - Keith Mitchell
Leading in a Competitive Environment - Philip Mitchell
Leading in Highly Stressful Situations - Nigel Grimshaw
Leading Young People - Craig Brotherston
Ready to Give a Reason for the Hope We Have - Dominic DeSouza
Tensions Christians Face in the 21st Century - James Glass
Christian Faith in a Science Dominated Culture - Chris Shaw
Faithfulness: Fulfilling Your Potential - Listening for Heaven’s Sake - Wayne Raper
Turning Point - Wayne Raper
True Grace - The Importance of Core Values - Fiona Fallon & Wayne Raper

There will not be a primary emphasis on written work for evaluation. However, it is essential that time is given to reflect on the specific subjects that are taught and this will done by a mixture of small group tutorials, reflective papers and one to one conversations.

The Leaders Training Leaders

  • Bruce Atkinson has been on the pastoral staff of Kensington Temple for 24 years. He is the Associate to Colin Dye the Senior Leader. Bruce is an outstanding communicator and author of No More Law, and Land of Hope and Glory: British Revival Through the Ages.
  • David Ayling has been in pastoral ministry for many years and for the past 12 years he has been senior leader of Derby City Church. He is passionate about building a dynamic and healthy church that impacts its community and changes the atmosphere of the city.
  • Craig Brotherston spent four years in Brooklyn working with Bill Wilson and Metro Ministries before becoming the full time youth worker in Dundonald Elim Church. Craig has seen massive growth in his time there and is moving to Siberia to prepare to plant churches.
  • Damian Carr moved from the ministry team at Selly Oak in 2008 with a burden to plant a church in Corby. Hope Church Corby, a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church is the result of that vision. The church has grown to such an extent that it now meets in two locations.
  • Bill Crawford has a lifetime of leadership experience. In 1988 he moved to Bangor, Northern Ireland to lead a congregation of about 100 people. In the ensuing years he oversaw the continuous growth of the church, restructuring when necessary to facilitate a church of hundreds.
  • Lionel Currie moved to Ghana (following years of pastoral ministry) to lead the Church of Pentecost’s Bible College. On his return to the UK he took up the Senior Leadership at Bridge Street, Leeds and built a team that has seen the incredible growth and development of that church.
  • Steve Derbyshire moved from a church in St Helens in 1992 to lead City Gates Church, Ilford. He has led the church in continuous growth and been involved in multi-million pound projects. City Gates is now well over 1000 people and is building in the heart of Ilford’s town centre.
  • Dominic DeSouza is an award winning theology graduate of Cambridge University. He served on the pastoral team of Kensington Temple and was Director of Training/Principal of the International Bible Institute of London. He currently leads Letchworth Garden City Church.
  • Jim Dick has a wealth of leadership experience, serving on Elim’s National Leadership, as Principal of Regents Theological College, as a Regional Leader and a Board member of TCUK. He has suffered the loss of two grown up daughters in tragic circumstances and knows about adversity.
  • Fiona Fallon graduated from TCLA in 1995 and has since been involved in pioneering local church, pioneering a residential rehab centre and for nine years she was manager of Hope House Residential Rehab. Fiona currently serves as the Executive Assistant of TCUK.
  • Jay Fallon has ministered throughout the UK and overseas as an evangelist. He has led local church, pioneered and served Teen Challenge in a number of roles including that of Executive Director. He has a unique ministry that is challenging and inspiring and speaks at conferences at home and abroad.
  • Geoff Feasey has spent a large proportion of his life leading leaders. After years in pastoral ministry he served as a Regional Leader with the Elim Church for over 25 years and was on the National Leadership team for most of those. He is currently Elim’s Parliamentary Liaison Officer.
  • Eric Gaudion is a seasoned leader who has suffered significant pain, through ill-health, for many years. In spite of that he has continued to pursue God and lead others. He is author of Braving the Storm and Storm Force and currently leads church in St Peter Port, Guernsey.
  • James Glass led the Elim Church in Crawley for twelve years until he moved to Glasgow to give primary leadership to the Elim Church there. He is passionate about the church and a critical thinker who has evaluated some of the key tensions between church and 21st century culture.
  • Nigel Grimshaw is a Chief Superintendent in the Police Service of Northern Ireland and Divisional Commander for North and West Belfast. He was responsible for operational security at the G8 Summit in 2013 and often has to direct operations to police street riots and stand offs.
  • Gordon Hills spent many years in pioneer evangelism and local church ministry. For over 16 years he was Field Superintendent of the Elim Church, a role that gave him first line responsibility for the care, support and discipline of ministers who were struggling or had fallen.
  • Phil Hills has spent 28 years in pastoral ministry and has had the privilege of seeing growth in all the churches he has led. Having served as Chair of the Board of Teen Challenge for 20 years he became Chief Executive in 2014. He is also Vice President of Global Teen Challenge.
  • Paul Hudson is the International Missions Director of the Elim Churches where he oversees missions work in nearly 50 nations of the world. He has spent nearly 20 years in local leadership and understands very well the passion to be local and global.
  • Keith Mitchell is co-founder of Crown Jesus Ministries, an evangelistic ministry that began in 1999. This ministry has grown significantly, developing various specific outreach arms. Though CJM employed numerous people “Mitch” continued to work as fire fighter until 2011.
  • Phillip Mitchell played professional football for Ipswich and Linfield. Working for Umbro International he was the Account Manager for various sponsorship deals with football clubs. He has coached professionally in the USA & continues to work out his faith in a competitive arena.
  • Michael McCurry a former FIFA and SFA referee has officiated matches at Galatasary so he knows a little about dealing with distractions. He is the leader of Moss Park Baptist Church in Glasgow and is the current Chairman of Teen Challenge UK.
  • George McKim led to faith from a paramilitary lifestyle George pioneered the People’s Church in Falkirk before returning to Northern Ireland. He is the Senior Pastor of the People’s Church, Newtownabbey and he has been a member of the Board of Teen Challenge UK for many years.
  • Denis Phillips has led growing churches in several parts of the UK. For many years he served as a Regional Leader of the Elim Churches in Wales and the South West Midlands. His ministry has been characterised by his commitment to friendship with the Holy Spirit.
  • Wayne Raper trained in psychiatric nursing before embarking on a career in social work. In 1999 he joined Teen Challenge as Manager of a new dedicated detox centre. He has held various managerial roles since and currently serves as the National Operations Director.
  • Steve Reilly has served on the leadership team of Bridge Street, Leeds since 1988 and he became the Senior Leader in 2013. Steve is a visionary leader who is responsible for a multi-million pound development as well as a growing church. He is on the Board of Teen Challenge.
  • Mark Ryan took over the leadership of Letchworth when it was just 30 strong. He led it into significant growth before moving on to Birmingham Christian Centre. He is currently leading this large and growing congregation in the centre of Britain’s second city.
  • Chris Shaw is a professor of Drug Discovery at Queens University, Belfast. He has been leading research into the proteins found in animal venoms, especially frogs, snakes and scorpions. His motivation is find molecules that can be used in the treatment of human disease.
  • David Shearman was in leadership at the Christian Centre, Nottingham for 45 years, 37 of them as Senior Leader. He saw the church grow to have influence throughout the UK and he continues his ministry of training and mentoring the next generation of leaders.
  • Jonathan Skelton has been in ministry for over 20 years. He has led a small church in growth, served on the ministry team of a larger church and for the past 15 years has led the growth and development of the Elim Church, Kingstanding, always keeping it focused on those outside.
  • Brian Synnott led the church in Westport, Ireland before returning to his hometown of Cork to plant a church. Brian has passion to see Ireland reached with the gospel but as a professionally trained counsellor he is also concerned to see wholeness in the lives of all who lead.
  • Nigel Tween has been leading, building and equipping Elim Pentecostal Churches for the past 30 years. Since 2004 he has served as Elim’s National Director of Training. He has a great passion to see Christians equipped to engage effectively in contemporary culture.
  • Phil Weaver has been involved in church planting, church growth, evangelism and leadership training at every level. He has initiated many leadership conferences and been at the fore in spearheading a number of effective local, regional and national evangelistic strategies.
  • John Wellavize has served as the Deputy National Leader of the Apostolic Church in the UK. He currently looks after a number of churches in Yorkshire and chairs the organising committee of AblazeUK. John is a long serving Board member of Teen Challenge UK.
  • Anita Williams trained and worked as a social worker until she started her own business. She has led an education initiative for girls excluded from mainstream education. She served as Senior Pastor of Cynon Valley Community Church overseeing its growth and development.
  • David Williams spent 15 years as a solicitor specialising in litigation and family law before taking up an appointment as a full time District Judge. He is the author of Junia A Woman an Apostle.